Yapewi Aquatic Club

Bordentown-on-the Delaware

P. O. Box 21

Bordentown, NJ 08505

(609) 298 - 0844

A lovely Club that is recovering from a fire several years ago, it was incorporated 1n 1892 and is located on the mouth of the Crosswicks Creek and the Delaware River. It is at the end of Bordentown, NJ and is one of the Yacht Clubs seen from I295 going towards Trenton. Tt is next to the Bordentown Yacht Club, and a very active club. It has mostly powerboats, as goung into the club house you have to be careful of the tricy entrance and be careful of the height of your mast (if you have one) as it is about 35 feet (please consult a USCG Chart of local knowledge for exact information). The dock usually looks full, but between Yapewi & Bordentown, they might have room for a transient. The club is well known for enjoyably parties and gifted D.R.Y.L. Queens.


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