Advertising On This Web Site:   


"Let Boaters Know Where You Are"


Commercial Advertisement


Advertising will be available on this web. We will make a full page available or a link for advertising of a web site. The advertisement will be limited to 10 customers and the rate will be $50.00 per year (for scanner ready material, slightly more if it is made up by the DRYL Web Master) , with a rate of $10.00 per change of message (no charge for corrections)


Classified Advertisement:


We will also provide a For Sale area for boats and boating supplies from members of DRYL Yacht Clubs. The charge will be $5 per month period or $15 until your item sells, which will be a one-page advertisement with photos, price, and valid email address as well as listing the yacht club.


Please Email advertisement to: or mail to:


D.R.Y. L. Web Page

408 Woodbine Ave.

Feasterville, Pa., 19053


We will edit photos and text to fit in the area allotted and scan photos sent in. Photos mailed in will be scanned and returned. In either commercial or classified advertisements, it will be the responsibility of the advertiser to read the ad after being posted for errors and to communicate the errors to the web master within one week period. DRYL or the Web Site will not be responsible of errors in advertising, and the maximum responsibility will be the cost of the advertisement for one billing cycle. All advertisements will be prepaid to the above address made out to D. R. Y. L.

If there are any questions, please use the above email address